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At OONZOO, we offer transparent and fair payment gateway fees to support your business growth while maintaining our commitment to being a 0 commission platform. Our payment gateway fees are designed to ensure affordability and value for our sellers.

Transaction Fees

We charge a flat transaction fee on each successful sale made through our platform. This fee covers the cost of payment processing and transaction management.

Standard Categories Specialized Categories
ElectronicsLuxury Goods
Fashion High-Value Electronics
Home Appliances Large Appliances
Beauty & Personal Care Collectibles
Toys & GamesArt & Antiques
Health & Fitness Designer Brands
Books & Stationery Premium Accessories

Standard Categories (4%)

For most product categories, the standard transaction fee is set at 4% of the total transaction value. This fee applies to a wide range of product categories, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more.

Specialized Categories (8%)

Certain high-value or specialized product categories may incur a slightly higher transaction fee of 8%. This fee applies to luxury goods, high-value electronics, and other specialized items.

Calculating Your Fees

To understand how our transaction fees translate into your overall costs, let's break it down with an example:

Suppose you make a sale of AED 100 through OONZOO’s platform. If the product falls under a standard transaction fee (4%), the fee would be AED 4. Your net earnings from the sale would then be AED 96.

For specialized categories with an 8% transaction fee, the same process applies, but with a higher fee.

Note:- All fees and charges shown above are subject to VAT at 5%

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